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  • Accuracy: up to ±0.01°C and resolution up to 0.001°C for high quality data
  • Dual channel with four inputs, 2x PRTs and 2x thermocouples for real versatility
  • Temperature Range: -210° to 2315°C for Thermocouples, -210° to 1100°C for PRTs
  • LCD display: Channels A, B or A-B in °C, °F or K
  • Battery operation plus built-in data logging for "go anywhere" applications

The F150 digital thermometer incorporates two inputs for resistance thermometers (RTD) and two for thermocouples. It has been designed for maximum versatility and to help fill your needs for high accuracy single or differential measurements with any combination of thermometers.
Temperature measurements in °C, °F and K, plus ? or mV, are displayed on a large graphics LCD.
Use it anywhere - you can operate F150 by battery or AC power and store your measured data to internal memory for later retrieval.
Performance is assured with instrument accuracy of up to ±0.01°C and for best system accuracy, you can store RTD calibration data to enhance conversion of resistance to temperature. Similarly, for thermocouples you can choose one of the 10 industry standard linearisations in memory. F150 is supplied complete with calibration traceable to international standards.
To give rapid, accurate results the F150 has been designed to store calibration data for each of your regularly used probes.

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